Alberta wolf hunting is one of North America’s most challenging hunting experiences. In Alberta we have a high population of wolves insuring a successful Alberta wolf hunt. Wolves are the top of the food chain but are very illusive. Alberta wolves get big, many a wolf tip the scales over 100lbs and our biggest to date was 180 lbs. We guide in the areas that have produced trophy wolves, time and time again.

Alberta Wolf Hunting

Our specialty is helping hunters to achieve the goal of harvesting a wolf either with gun or bow by putting you with in range a trophy wolf. We do this by taking hunters on customized personally guided hunts in the best wolf hunting areas available in Alberta. We live in the areas we hunt and have first hand knowledge of wolf packs, there travel movements and territories.

Master Guide Chad SAVAGE Lenz will take you to the deepest darkest wilderness to get you on a trophy Alberta wolf. We take our hunters to the best Alberta wolf hunting areas with the highest success rates. Your research ends hear with your quest for the king all predators, the Alberta wolf!!

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